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Security and Protection is always an issue to merchants and business owners. As a result of increased credit card fraud, the Security Standards Council has made PCI compliance manatory.

PCI compliance is the standards created to obstruct and prevent further theft of personal information at the merchant level. The PCI compliance requirements are strictly enforced by the payment card brands including Visa and MasterCard. All merchants who transmit, store, or process credit card information or transactions must comply.

Bell PCI Security Implementation

Security Check 1: Build and Maintain a Secure Network

Bell PCI has a firewall and router system to protect cardholder information. Firewall performs tests when configuration changes, identifies all connections to cardholder information and reviews configuration rules ever 6 months. Firewall prohibits unauthorized access from networks and hosts and deny direct public access to any information about the cardholder.

Security Check 2: Protect Cardholder Data

Cardholder data is secure in a cryptographic form. All information is encrypted when transmitting the data across public networks to prevent criminals from stealing the personal information during the process. We limit the accessibility of cardholder information by installing passwords and other security measurements to limit access to cardholder data. The physical access to Cardholder data is Monitored and restricted. All out-dated cardholder information is destroyed.

Security Check 3: Regularly Monitor and Test Networks

Bell PCI keeps system activity logs that trace all activity and review daily. Internal and external networks are scanned to identify any possible vulnerable areas in the system. Additionally, Bell ensures that all IDS/IPS engines are up to date. Anti-virus software is present on all computers associated on the network. In addition to anti-virus software, security patches are installed on each computer to avoid exposing cardholder data.

Security Check 4: Maintain an Information Security Policy

Bell has an established security policy which covers all PCI DSS compliance requirements and includes annual procedures to recognize any security breaches and day-to-day security policies. Bell performs background checks on potential employees and educate new and current employees about the new compliance regulations.

In today's economy, merchants are required to thoroughly evaluate operating costs & processing fees, all while having to operate and run a business. By having Bell PCI set up ad monitor security standards and protection clauses, companies and merchants of all sizes will save time and money.